[How to judge whether honey is spoiled]_How to judge_How to judge


[How to judge whether honey is spoiled]_How to judge_How to judge

In life, many people prefer to drink a glass of honey water in the morning, so that they can be refreshed and refreshed, and the honey can be stored for a long time. As long as it is kept in a shade-free place, oneThe bottle of honey can be drunk for a long time, but sometimes the honey is likely to deteriorate in advance if it is not stored properly. So how to judge whether the honey has deteriorated?

For edible honey, be sure to purchase mature honey.

Honey is a weakly acidic food. The container for storing honey is preferably glass or ceramic utensils. Do not store it with metal utensils such as iron and lead to avoid contaminating the honey with free heavy metals.

Honey stored in non-toxic plastic bottles should not be too long.

The honey poured into the container should be sealed tightly to avoid contact with vertical air to avoid fermentation.

It should be stored in a clean, cool and ventilated place, preferably in a refrigerator, taking care to avoid contamination.

The normal storage period is generally two years and three years. This has a lot to do with the storage method and quality. Without sealing, it is easily decomposed by microorganisms floating in the air. It can be sealed for several years.It does not deteriorate for decades. If the moisture content is not sealed, it cannot be guaranteed for a few months, but as long as it is good honey, there is no problem.

Detect whether honey is spoiled: Honey spoilage is the reason for honey fermentation. The yeast multiplies in honey, breaks down sugar in honey, and turns into acetic acid, alcohol, carbon dioxide and water.

Due to the production of new substances, the deteriorated honey will have the following performances: First, the honey will have a sour taste, and the general honey varieties will not have an obvious sour taste, or even a weak sour taste, and the honey will deteriorate after the deteriorationStrong sour taste.

Secondly, honey will have an alcoholic flavor after being spoiled. Because honey will produce alcohol after spoiling, it will have an alcoholic flavor. In fact, if the honey fermentation is well controlled, the fermented honey will be mead, but this is technical and general.Honey cannot be turned into wine.

Third, honey has carbonic acid, so there will be a lot of bubbles when the honey deteriorates. If the honey is stored in a bottle, the honey will rise up or the honey will explode.

Fourth, honey will become sparse after deterioration. If the original honey is very thick, then the honey will become thin after deterioration, mainly because the sugar in the honey replaces other substances. In addition, water is produced during the honey fermentation process.Cause.