Was actually fine leg getting a disease?There are these eight performance you in danger (1)

  With slender legs, it is the dream of many girls。However, after getting thin legs, Mengmeng (pseudonym) not even severe pain walking。
Go to the hospital learned that she was suffering from a rare hereditary motor and sensory neuropathy, commonly known as ""。
Meng Meng said that with the passage of time, as long as she found time to walk more than 10 minutes, your feet will be particularly painful ankle。
Further, on the stairs tight knee, ankle increasingly stiff, limping。
  As the saying goes: old tree roots to dry, people old legs first decline。From birth to death, legs all the time at work, if not pay attention to the protection, naturally, "disrepair" of the。Aging legs may show up very early, if the leg 8 changes, indicating that your legs start aging, will draw attention: the flexible legs and feet do not original。This is the first feature of aging。After 40 years, many people feel the legs and feet are not flexible, a little more points to go way, like the legs filled with lead, sour swell, more and more strenuous on the stairs。
  Do some work on backache, leg pain。Especially middle-aged women, over time, as long as the station will feel backache, leg pain。Coughing, leg pain, there will be radioactive。If you have to pay attention calf tenderness appear, indicating that the stomach has begun to "strike"。  Walk slow。
Unconsciously, getting slower and slower pace。
Sometimes when I walk quickly, legs and feet will feel to lose control, continuous pain for several days after the will, even in the case of muscle atrophy occurs。  Cold side legs。
Even summer always feel chilly calf, and sometimes felt from the hip to heel, the middle of a line are cool。This may be caused by poor blood circulation, and may also be related to lumbar disc disease。
  An increase in the number of cramps。If not, or after exercise because of cold and cramps, it should pay attention, this may be the performance of osteoporosis。Some people will appear heel pain, also requires attention。  swelling。
Poor blood circulation can cause leg swelling, but this is often the symptoms of heart or cerebrovascular disease in patients with kidney disease。  Varicose veins。
Women are more prone to this situation, it may occur after the age of 20。Once the leg blood vessels suddenly very clear, winding like a snake, indicating that the blood vessels leg strain。  Hip and knee pain。Almost all the joints increases with age and become vulnerable, especially hip, knee joints these two。If you find discomfort down the stairs, jumping squat or even leg friction wear, feeling stuck can not move, indicating the urgent need to protect the joints have been。