Lip care small coup teach you to keep a seductive lips

Lip care what circumstances is a small coup dry lips chapped lips most likely to occur, and maintenance of the lips of many people to become a topic of concern。
Then you read even know which way to do lip care following small series to give us lip care small coup teach you raise a seductive lips!Lip Care Lip Care Method 1 small coup: Lip Honey has a strong rejuvenation effect, very suitable for moisturize and protect lips。 When the lips feel dry, thin honey will be applied to the lips, to retain 20 minutes。 Then clean, moist lips can have long-term adherence。
Lip care Method 2: lateral lip reduces lip lips, with the thumb and index finger pinch the upper lip, finger does not move, gently rubbing the thumb; then the index finger and thumb pinch the lower lip, the thumb does not move, light index finger massage the lower lip。 Reducing the longitudinal lips lip, with the middle finger rubbing both hands from the grinding lip on both sides of the central portion of the mouth, it will make the skin feel elongated。 First the upper lip, the lower lip, repeated several times, the effect is doubled Lip Care Method 3: complete lip care small coup pigment or glitter lip product will be left in the lines where not easily be detected。 The passage of time will make the lips darkened, be sure to use lip-specific makeup products carefully cleaned。 Lip care Method 4: Use paste has a sun protection factor, can reduce UV damage to the lip to effectively prevent dry lips, fine lines, dull lip can be prevented。