Women avoid misunderstanding stool routine examination

  Female blood in the stool to avoid misunderstanding, routine examination。 The case of a female friend blood in the stool is often there, but women are thought to be due to uterine dysplasia, uterine malformations, and so induced, in fact, these are all wrong。
Here, for everyone to talk about: female blood in the stool to avoid misunderstanding, routine examination。   Occurs, should not be forced defecation, then you can temporarily stop the bleeding, and then immediately to the doctor to check that bleeding is due, there are several methods: the case of anal fissure, anal because at the periphery, so the doctor will direct observation。
  Anal examination with a glimpse into the anus, a look at whether there are internal / external hemorrhoids tissue exposed。   Check the entire intestinal tract with an endoscope, can see whether the presence of colon malignancy or polyps。 Diagnostic errors woman bowel bleeding bad (1) uterus, malposition or malformations and other diseases, it could result in the wrong by。
  (2) Chinese medicine has a home in the large intestine, the blood of the wrong blood in the stool or premenstrual, is said by the blind。   (3) can not control blood deficiency, liver deficiency can not hide the blood, kidney sodium intake has no right, wrong blood cells Palace long。 Whether pain stool bleeding blood in the stool may indicate whether different pain may indicate different diseases, the cause of blood in the stool are varied, patients who do not want blood in the stool blood in the stool is easy to think that had hemorrhoids; after the discovery of blood in the stool, we must promptly to the hospital to be treated patients will vanish。   First, no pain fecal bleeding is common in: 1, hemorrhoids。
Characterized by blood in the stool, the color red was drip or spray form。 And after defecation or bleeding due to hard stool scrape mucous membrane, or because of excessive force during defecation, intravascular pressure, resulting in varicose vein rupture caused by bleeding bleeding caused by rupture。
  2, colorectal cancer。 Bloody stool characteristics are dark, often mixed with mucus attached to the surface of the stool, the stool often accompanied by increased frequency, anus falling flu symptoms。 Thus, blood in the stool of patients with colorectal cancer should be excluded。
  3, rectum polyps。 Rectal polyps in the stool is common in minors for blood in the stool surface is covered and not mixed with。 Rectum pedunculated polyps external anal prolapse defecation。
When the polyp ulcer infection, may have bloody mucus and tenesmus。   Second, painful bowel bleeding is common in: 1, anal fissure。
Blood in the stool anal fissure is characterized by tearing or knife-like pain during bowel movements, bowel pain often continued after tens of minutes or hours vary。
May be a drop of blood may be paper towels when the blood, the disease is more common in lesbian。 Anal fissure blood in the stool can be mitigated by hot water bath。 In addition to eat more vegetables and fruits in order to maintain smooth bowel movement。   2, inflammation of external hemorrhoids。
Inflammation of external hemorrhoids blood in the stool, there is mass consciousness anus, pain, anal, a small amount of blood after a bowel movement when paper towels。 Conservative treatment of anal fissure bath with the same method, but the best surgical treatment。
  3, anal cancer。 The patient had anal cancer, anal they can find hard lumps, pain may be early, late may have pain and blood in the stool。 The best treatment of anal cancer is surgery。 · P # Page Title #?# 4, anal abscess or anal foreign body。
When the fishbone from the pustule ulceration or other foreign body stuck around the anus at the anus can cause infections, and accompanied by pain, blood in the stool。 At this point, it is necessary to relieve symptoms through surgery。
  Tips: The above is to introduce women to avoid misunderstanding blood in the stool, a routine examination of the relevant knowledge, you are aware of it?Also recommended a female friend, if there is blood in the stool of cases found must not again forced defecation, try to relax。