Children's why nosebleeds nosebleeds how to deal with child

4, usually nasal foreign body, in addition to nasal mucus secretion of several generated, no objects blocking the nasal cavity, the respiratory flow freely。
But sometimes, because the children play fun, like some small objects stuffed in the nasal cavity, such as seeds, stones,, plastic paper, metal and other small toys。
Once these objects into, intranasal, become foreign matter, the children themselves get out, and Buganshengzhang, over time, will be forgotten and left in the nasal cavity。
Some foreign body water swelling in the nasal cavity, mold, or cause nasal mucosal infections, erosion and bleeding, sometimes in poor stimulation of foreign body, nasal trauma can also cause bleeding。 5, blood diseases, you know, the blood vessels in the human body to do neither bleeding nor agglutination, whole blood is determined by a number of special factors。 If under the effect of certain factors, blood factors occurs in a series of changes in the blood vessels and blood bleeding, it is not easy to stop aggregation wish these white blood diseases and hemophilia and thrombocytopenic purpura, regeneration anemia and other blood glass which collectively is the direct cause of children's nose bleeding, and will lead to repeated, a lot of bleeding。 Children 6 ,, sinusitis why children are also prone to acute, chronic rhinitis and sinusitis。
Once this inflammation, nasal or paranasal sinus mucosa occurs redness, swelling, mucopurulent nasal discharge from time to time, under the stimulation of purulent nasal discharge, bleeding submucosal blood vessels also occurs。