Shuizhuroupian how do the four tender points are indispensable

How do Shuizhuroupian tender is a common recipe is also delicious classic。 So, how do Shuizhuroupian tender, which simply practice it together and have a look at small series 6681 Shuizhuroupian how tender and introduce it to do!Shuizhuroupian how do tender 1, 2 use pork tenderloin, loin fillet into large, with wine, egg white, dry starch, a small amount of salt grasping uniform 3, a piece of the tenderloin into the pot of hot soup until cooked, fishing into the dish 4, while the meat cook spread discoloration, 2 minutes cook。
Meat to cut thin, 1-2 mm thick material Shuizhuroupian Practice Practice of 3 50 g, 200 g of cabbage, 3 tablespoons Pi bean paste, cooking wine 1 spoon, spoon 2 starch, 1 tablespoon salt, 10 g of dry, pepper 20, 400 ml of water, 120 ml of oil, 1 tablespoon soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sugar, 4 garlic, ginger 1, monosodium glutamate, the amount of onion Shuizhuroupian practice how to do a tender.The lean meat was cut into large and wide sheet (about 1 refers to the length, width refers to 2), starch, wine, salt, water and a small amount of meat grasping uniform, slightly salted stand。
2.Wash the cabbage leaves torn large, outer leaves obliquely sliced with a knife; ginger washed mince。 3.Onion cut into onion; chili washed seeded and cut into sections; Pixian stand chopped garlic washed mince。 4.50 ml of oil was poured into the pot, and add dried chili pepper, deep fry with the fire red brown, remove and set aside。
5.Turn the fire, saute the onion into the pot, and then add cabbage, fried broken health, the plated bowl stand。