half a head, and in the last generation, the original body of knowledge, written on paper only son of game data – in fact, the child, there is unlim深圳桑拿网ited potential, he is faster, perhaps, in a sense, the original body really delayed the child’s talent and dreams.

  Wang coach his heart like something, did not delay, with direct Pei Naochun they said goodbye, he intends to send to send Soviet coach, the way to see the city helped the team now seedling who also children leveled breathing effort , they are also transferred from the venue to the outside, each to a different direction.
  Pei Xiangdong also carrying a bag, he had come directly from school, noon lunch is the king of the coach, please, and he habitually want to fall behind his father, Pei Naochun but can slow down time and time again, and he line side by side, father and son and my heart filled with something, like a lot of things.
  ”I.”Pei Xiangdong suddenly spoke up,” Nothing.”He had ten thousand words to ask, but ho淡水桑拿ld back my heart.
  Pei Naochun gently spoke up: “Dad wanted to know what running means to you?”
  It seemed to have come between father and son did not know where to understanding, not look at each other, but step by step forward, but also against the words: “It was probably happy?Running, I feel very happy.”Also, we get a sense of.This seems strange to say, but he does like to get extra praise and acclaim, he remembered a time in the meet, the class will arrange logistical staff, students also rans, almost the entire squad have helped cheer cheer, to sprint when the end, there are people swarmed.
  Running and learning, these are different calligraphy.It is very “special”, is no one else.Seemed to seize him, they caught a not common, can make people recognize their own.
  And he really, really like running, jogging joy to him, far深圳桑拿网 more than in other.
  ”Dad understand.”
  Last generation did not run up the Pei Xiangdong, it must be very sorry?

Chapter 69 run up it, young!(nine)?(twelve)
  The provincia