Cough, phlegm, yellow teach you how to do treatment remedies

Phlegm, yellow how to do a lot of people when you cough accompanied by phlegm, and the color is very yellow, so it was panic, four of the find, then cough, phlegm, yellow how to do small series together and go and see!Cough, phlegm, yellow porridge Xianzhuli how to do work in phlegm Xianzhuli 30 grams, 100 grams。 Boil the rice porridge, cooked into the Pro Xianzhuli uniform, any edible。 Heat, Phlegm, Anticonvulsant, wind-heat treatment pyrophlegm, Hyperactivity cough, phlegm, yellow。 Mangosteen Mangosteen half Hyperactivity persimmon clear soup, persimmon 3, 30 grams sugar。 Add water to cook until half bowls bowl half, and then the sugar, to the residue。
3 times a day in finished drinking, clearing heat, go pyrophlegm, only cough, cure children with whooping cough and phlegm fire embolism。
Bingtang Shui governance Hyperactivity cough figs 30 grams of crystal sugar。
Wash the figs, add water and sugar tomatoes, 1 day。
Even 3-5 days close markedly, gas expectorant, cough lung。 Detoxification intestines, governance Hyperactivity cough, hoarseness, throat sore throat, constipation, hemorrhoids and bleeding。
Hot Zhifei sugar cane juice cough。