Su coaches come near, the stopwatch turned over, looked very complicated, I do not know envy or jealousy: “You kids, you’ve already hand over two lines, and save games records were broken 深圳桑拿网ah.”Black bold numbers on the stopwatch exceptionally bright, attractive figures 51 seconds 12 eyes.
  ”you.By early bar?”King coach was shocked, and rubbed his eyes, to know the state two athletes line, but is also 14 Notes 53 seconds, and if this results in a regular game, it is estimated that the certificate can be directly applied for.
  ”Are you questioning my professionalism?”Su coach rolled his eyes,” Even if I’m wrong, true errors, that will top the day you two seconds plus one second bar?That is not over the line?”Like they do every day and stopwatch, timer handed play, the error also bottomed.
  He could not help but sour: “This is not a regular game of it!On two opponents, and if the opponent strong point, perhaps also stimulate.”Of course, there may be counter-productive, but rather poor performance in the contest, 苏州桑拿论坛but alone Pei Xiangdong in the county, municipal games are award-winning score, he thought, the other in all likelihood, is the type of game players.
  Coach Wang immediately turned around and directed at Pei Naochun solemnly: “Pei doctor, you see it?We provincial and international levels athlete entrance is a plus points!Do not 北京夜网worry, if you give the child to me, when I would take him to the regular game, to his current achievements, firmly get the certificate!”
  ”I talk about the east and, to tell you tomorrow, okay?”To this extent, also do not continue to test what two hundred meters, one hundred meters, and Pei Naochun direct answer.
  ”Of course the line.”Coach Wang thought to myself up and going to the provincial bureau and ask, can a high school helped arrange a good point, so in all likelihood the proper!
  Pei Pei Xiangdong Naochun could not help but looked down at the child began to sprout junior high school, and now this child and he has only a thin