, he specially came on such a sentence is to ask, can really get a reply, but why do so untrue?

  ”Your father has just been bragging How about you!”Coach looked at Pei Xiangdong Wang,” He said you like a hawk, but I said, you still did little longer homogeneous Eagles hair do!Which grow up so fast?”
  ”I.”It must be de-force consequences of it?He tinnitus and hearing voices, there was an illusion, can now embrace their own, not a fake.
  ”Yes, you like a fly on the runway, around the circle, we stopped at this.”Pei Naochun spoke up,” east, Dad was wrong, you really can do it.”
  ”I.”Pei Xiangdong rediscovered the center of gravity, he take a step back, stupidly he looked at his father, shaking his head and nodded,” I do?”
  ”Yes, you, you run very fast, Wang coach was right, you are reall杭州夜网y talented.”
  Coach Wang’s eyes round and round between father and son, aware of the strange atmosphere between, helping to smooth things over: “to the east, you see, we just saw you running, you will know that you are really talented!”He patted the boy’s shoulder, encouraging him.
  ”I.”Pei Xiangdong suddenly lost it, this is not what he wants to do?He wanted to share his father to learn to run, he wanted to father recognized him, but obviously it’s all realized why he was not quite happy yet?
  Because outsiders do?Can before outsiders, father does not directly say he do?Dad do not understand or are not sports?He saw me run faster than others, and think that I am particularly powerful?That is not why, after my father knew he misunderstood, it will be more disappointed?
  Probably no one can understand ten thousand tangled his heart, an广州桑拿网d coach Wang Pei Naochun just quietly watching this child, look transformation, did a little smile.
  ”Pharaoh!”SU head coach thing is to take care of their students, and so the other end two children were settled, he was free to see the results, the look, he just wants to swallow a stopwatch, ‘You.’
  ”what happened?”Coach Wang mutter,” What is so surprising