brought two teenagers, also have better distance from the finish, although he had just recognized the king coach said, it can really face Pei Xiangdong when the city of Cadet thorough par appearance, but he still felt shocked.

  Pei Naochun holding a water bottle, and coach Wang rushed together in the past, Pei Xiangdong were puffing move forward, they did not dare stand in the track, just the king of science has been a coach, after a sudden stop individual sprint, in case frightened , and heart and lung function w上海夜网as to influence.
  Pei Xiangdong went on their way, today he runs exceptionally fun, can be said to be truly exhausted all its efforts, the feet are also some weak, but his mind still clearly remember the teacher said before, did not dare to sit down and rest his body straight clearly saw the father and coach in front of the king, had just feels that he has de-force, now like a re-implantation energy, we can go very far.
  ”dad.”Pei Xiangdong gasped walked in front of his father, his face somewhat red, sweat down the left face, hung on the lashes, blinked will fall, he stared at his father,” you read it?”
  ”I watched.When “Pei Naochun hand holding a towel to wipe his son’s face, the other hand is to open a good mineral water, and gave it to the child, obviously just in front of the coach is still king eloquent, can really stand in fr广州桑拿网ont of Pei Xiangdong, the sense of strong inertia, he subconsciously have to shut up.
  When running, always feel the excitement reached the top, the brain is a blank, there’s only father, Pei Xiangdong know they breathe every breath all with heat, unconsciously blurted out: “Dad, I was not run very fast?”I asked out of words, but rather look to coagulate immediately, only to see Adam’s apple rolling.
  ”Yes, really fast.”Pei Naochun went over, put a baby into his arms, even though the east who are all hot, sweat,” Dad saw it, you run particularly fast, faster than anyone else.”
  Pei Xiangdong mind goes blank moment – when obviously