nd he does not matter, he only needs to continue to move, continue to move forward until the end.

  When too fast, is not see people around, can not hear the sound, he 无锡夜网walked God in such occassions like to head back.
  Dad cheer for him it?He went first, Dad happy it?
  ”awesome!”Pei Naochun rallying cry,” east, then quickly!”He pulled the coach next to the king, look very excited,” Look, How fast he runs!”
  ”Yes, of course he quickly runs.”Wang Pei Xiangdong coach knows is leading, not so nervous, but also can be a little excited,” he will re-acceleration in the last stretch, he can sprint again.”
  ”He was like a bird.No, no, it should be said that the eagle?”Pei Naochun think the word to describe, Pei Xiangdong while running, like a glider on the runway, you do not even think he ran fast feet have emerged blur, like it does not stick to the same.
  ”Ah, not growing up Eagles.”King coach recognized his statement,” and so grow up, fledged, he let everyone see that he can fly much block.”
  ”He南宁桑拿‘s really good, is not it.”Pei Naochun fist with both hands tightly on the front, although the outcome has been able to see, but he is still shocked by the child, who does not run?How many can run really fast?Yesterday saw just a bunch of data, I do not feel the actual results, to be taken seriously when the municipal Cadet as a reference, he really found that the child had run so fast.
  ”Yes, he is great.”King coach was firm, he has been very optimistic about Pei Xiangdong, the Hawks can not be born to fly, if he does not believe they can fly, how to fly it up?
  The closer the end, will be more calm, every time you go to the end, Pei Xiangdong always clearly feel his weakness, but this does not matter, when the teeth, more Pinmingdiwang pediment, but more feel carefree –
  Dad, you see it?I was first, I really run fast.
  Su coach waved, 400 meters and then how to pull, that is,Gap of a few seconds, a few seconds can be, but also sufficient, crossed the line after Pei Xiangdong, he