gradually out of a body position, two body position, and then more, “he more than the others!”

  ”Yes.”King of the coach’s eyes are full of praise,” Of course he would exceed his best, or the ability to maintain his speed, others will force the Scots, slow down, he was able to maintain this rate guide end.”
  Run together, Pei Xiangdong realized that he slow, but it does not matter, he participated in the race several times, at the starting line, and did not take great advantage, he has to do is, clenched hands, waving his arms, Mai open their legs, he clearly knows, he again fast, but also faster.
  Follow you around like the wind, pushed myself forward, every step easier, my eye is a都市夜网ble to see the right and left sides of the case, he knew he was more than they, and this is not the end, he will not stop.
  ”He’s a very good sense of balance, when the corners, will not reduce a lot of speed, so long as his future is not too long, this capability should be able to maintain.”
  ”He really was quick.”Runway long, t北京夜生活网hree people wearing the same clothes again, he can one see his son, Pei Xiangdong run very relaxed, like he was coerced in the wind before the line in general
  ”That’s talent.”This sports line of business, that ugly point, talent is greater than the efforts of the king coach see more hard training, but because of the physical development of athletes to be eliminated,” You see, he never trained to be either taking the magnitude of pace or frequency, are stable, uniform, two children, catch up with his.”His point of view, can clearly see, behind those two teenagers, was brought chaotic rhythm, due to distance, tried to accelerate, but have actually spent the early strength.
  Pei Xiangdong already see the person behind, and he was just ahead of him, in the middle school community, he had more than a few games, he has not met a北京夜网n opponent, he has long been accustomed to leading position and run, behind who wants to chase him, doing all you want, that is their thing, a