ree juveniles have been good posture ready,” Look it is very professional, tell you the truth, I still have only standing start.”

  ”Eastward is not very good, they have to teach school, but the school is not starting blocks, but soon he started, he and I said a few tips have can do the.”
  For Pei Xiangdong, the father running his own point of view, there is the dream scene, it’s not more than Naochun Pei did not take him seriously, but he was busy, I do not feel this be a big deal.
  Before the game in the past, can not help looking广州桑拿网 at the runway, but today, he has been the tilts his head to the side to see, on the edge of the runway, and my father being king coach stand together, saying something.They say?Wang is the coach should praise him, and then my father would probably argue, after all, have long recognized the father, he not run.北京夜网
  No amount of messy thoughts, nor more thought, well after the ready position, range line of sight, will be left in front of the white starting line, then close your eyes open, with no distractions, no matter what, he wants a good run, Dad looked at it in the next.
  He and Sue are not familiar with the coach before this, but this is not completely affected, he distractions, mental concentration, and then heard shouting at each other voice: “Ready, set, run -” With the sound of running, gave a short whistle to sound sounded together, Pei Xiangdong forced back Yi Deng, the departure.
  ”Still a little slow start.”King coach shook his head, this is not all a problem starting blocks, specializing in training, there is a special start training, so like Pei Xiangdong, can not fall behind too much, has been pretty good,” You see, although h深圳桑拿网is reaction OK, and can significantly around a point of difference.”
  ”This is not four hundred meters it?Just start it!”Pei Naochun subconsciously retorted, holding hands fist two sentences of effort, Pei Xiangdong already ran forward for a long period, the three go hand in hand, no, and no, Pei Xiangdong