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  ”Seriously do warm-up.”Coach Wang Pei Xiangdong timely notice of a wander, immediately prompted,” xiaonianqing do not understand it is important to warm-up?And so run, hurt you know, come on, do focus.”
  ”it is good.”Pei Xiangdong very obedient, the muffled crashed, continued to stretch the body, then behind him came the day he will hear the voice of a man.
  Pei Naochun walked around the stadium to have eight hundred and around, God knows where the entrance is numerical, alphabetical and is also divided on two floors, just that he even went to the top of the box to set aside, son can see clearly look down, but how nobody heard shouting, sedentary, ran two laps, he could not help but to big breath: “King coach, sorry, I just could not find the entrance, turn a few times, did not delay your time to it?”
  ”No delay,北京夜网 which is not yet half past two it?”Coach Wang hanging high up sinking heart finally came down, he could see the corner, Pei Xiangdong has just raised the mouth, the child.
  ”That’s good.”Pei Naochun with the Soviet Union has asked a team to coach and two city children, but after the king stood beside the coach.
  Wang coach doing the commentary, the Soviet Union coach lighter than some of his seniority at work, the students face, they sold, they lead the children into the front of the preparations: “We will start and a four hundred meters, and so on, there are gym equipment, but we do not good by today or simply when using Notes, issued a call for direct.”
  ”Now the East has not experienced vocational training, in the short program performance came good – especially the two hundred and four hundred, if true to the province, we w杭州夜网论坛ill according to his specific circumstances, to help him to do for training for him to select items.”
  ”Ah, I know.”Pei Naochun ecstatic going forward, the Soviet Union coach they had already arranged the starting blocks, should be made of iron, but also according to individual circumstances, adjust the spacing, th