sell, he will not self-esteem, regardless of other educated youth will be how to treat him, as long as the return to the city, as long as the return to the city, he willing to pay all costs.

  Nguyen’s face flashed rain complicated, “I am only sixteen!”According to past life in this age, she is a junior high school students.
  Tang Wenbin would also like to say something, but direct rain Nguyen waved, interrupted Tang Wenbin, “My hands are useful to the workers, university places!”I paused, mildly tone, with s北京夜网omething of tips,” but maybe in the near future, you can return to the city of!”
  ”impossible!”Tang Wenbin some insane, he told Nguyen rain spat,” to face shameless, someone marry a fool, you should cherish the!”If it were not for the workers, university places, and how he would be willing to give a fool to do door-law!
  Then he looked Nguyen pernicious rain, driven to distraction away from the old Ruan, Ruan rain do not know how to describe Tang Wenbin face, the bones, it is a trace of desperation, after suffering hopeful.
  Originally there is a trace of sympathy for him, but after he flew in his face change, Nguyen rain that a trace of sympathy dissipated clean, poor people must have hated the place.
  Tangwen Bin not pay, which is a first reaction Nguyen rain.
  Dismissed Tang Wenbin, her lengthy sigh, his eyes gazed educ都市夜网ated youth point there, silently read in their hearts, while adhering to a year, next year will be reopening, by the time they are forgotten in these rural youth can Back inside the city.
  This was supposed to point the educated youth are in the ground inside the work, but this house was very busy, seven and four youth Pass Village, Cheng Yuan Qing, Tang Wenbin two boys and two girls, and Xu Tong Tong high Wyatt, they regarded the four younger youth, and only boil down, not married seven Pass village youth.
  They have a lot in front of the older generation, have been married seven Pass village, have a baby.
  Except four of them, come late, I ha