old school, indeed did not see any panic was absolutely brilliant place.

  Coach Wang this time, in Pei Naochun that ate cold shoulder numerous times, long hold back bad: “I tell you, the child, although it is in the school team, their county high school physical education teacher can, that is, so a normal school, previously practiced no professional sports, when he went to the city inside the game, it also wearing a pair of canvas shoes, sportswear is a basketball clothing.”King coach amount of help, still remember that magical mix, then the other side into the finals, directly borrowed set in the venues,” There, I asked his teacher, the school they ran a few decent shots back, that teacher in addition to the Games did not tell me, he smiled and said, they always can not fire a gun it every day at school?”
  He laments: “You’re such北京夜网 a good seed, early and if I do, at least, the province of game, there is no two ways about the places, so.”
  ”That’s very good.”Su coach nodded,” Yes, that when we start?”
  Speaking of which, the king of the coach’s face even worse: “wait it, east of the father has not come yet.”He Pei afraid the doctor changed his mind and refused to come.
  Pei Xiangdong standing there, too, and people around the misfits, the city’s team to those two, though it is two years older than his freshman may have received professional training for several years, after wearing sportswear, exposed arms and appearance leg lines, and around Peixiang Dong stark contrast to.
  He obviously doing warm-up, but can be somewhat absent-minded, eyes could not see into the stadium entrance, a large A County Center Stadium, import and export a lot of days like this can no南宁桑拿t be used, it will only open one repeatedly to his heart doing fight.
  - Daddy is not coming, right?After all, I run, how can there be any good?Leaving less than ten minutes, you still what to expect.
  - He said he would come, chances are entrances and exits too much, he could not find it?There was ten m深圳桑拿网inut