ather figure.

  ”Ok.”P苏州夜网ei Naochun laughed, let go, could not help but to this child rubbed his head, and later withdrew his hand, down to eat, he did not see, so he bowed his head, Pei Xiangdong quickly reach out to He touched one on his head.
  Kind of weather, blue skies, looked up, and can see the beautiful blue and clear sky, the breeze blowing from time to time, and the cloud was blown off in the distance, gradually come together.
  ”Move up.”King coach at Shimoji whistling, schematic ahead of three teenagers follow the rhythm of his movements, his side of the Soviet Union City team coach, he yesterday afternoon, and a separate Pei doctor immediately telephone contact with the Soviet Union coach, the central other borrowed three children, has confirmed a county center gymnasium no one in the afternoon, ahead of an appointment venues, can be said to广州桑拿网 be straining out all the stops, “ah, in your own Move.”He looked at the table with him about Pei Naochun time is 2:30 pm now only a thin ten minutes, people have not come.
  ”Pharaoh, this time you can be really quite got the idea ah!”Su Wang coach hit a coach, two former classmates, if not the king of the coach a苏州桑拿网nd he said, his mouth, his look through the record Municipal School Games, which do not know out of such a seedling,” However, now you can be sure he can do it?”Although this child is indeed on record run quite fast, they can eventually City Games is not so standard, using a hand-timed, not too accurate.
  ”Do you say anything to laugh, do not you see?”Coach Wang white back, this response came not seen each other Pei Xiangdong game,” I forgot you have not seen him play, and the child’s sense of rhythm, power, are particularly well!While several items reported not long, but also high endurance, after half his four hundred meters sprint, he can run, jump of.”
  ”You say well, it is certainly good.”Su a coach, but also seriously looked at from the Pei Xiangdong, but he has always been on point differential than the