How do babies baby parade to do more exercise Benefits

How do baby parade?For the baby the baby parade is a lot of benefits, you can exercise your baby's physiology, that mothers know how to do it baby parade?Following small to tell you exactly how to do it baby parade。 1 baby parade how to do, let your baby tummy exercise neck, waist with both hands holding the baby, the baby's waist slightly lift up; gently on the baby, so repeated 10 times。 2, drums drumming exercise exercise exercise can stretch the shoulder of the baby, by tapping, you can also let your baby know that massage and power will bring him how it feels bored baby must do this。
Let your baby lying down, holding the baby's hands stretched to the respective left and right sides stretched flat; the left hand close to the chest, tap the chest and then stretched flat; in the same action, do a right hand: left and right hands together to knock a chest。 10 times each, 3 sets。 Be careful not to pull the baby vigorously elbow, do not vigorously tapping the baby's chest。 3, fetching water exercise fetching water exercise is mainly to enhance the baby's leg strength through exercise。 Let your baby lying down, holding the baby's legs and ankles, first shake down once the baby's left foot, right foot and then the baby shake up and down once, like fetching water-like feet; also urged in the baby's ankle first bend, straighten the baby's left foot, then bend, straighten the baby's right foot。
10 times each, 3 sets。
Parents should be careful not to vigorously pull the baby legs, so as not to hurt the baby's joints。 How do baby parade 4, shilly-shally exercise coordination exercise can exercise your baby, let the baby know that exercise different directions of joint, other parts of the body which will bring change。 But can also exercise the flexibility of the baby's spinal twist。 Let your baby lying down, holding baby feet; lift the left foot, right foot on the overlap (at this time the baby's waist should be a slight twist); lay flat, and back on the left foot to right foot overlap。 10 times each, 3 sets。
Be careful not to twist vigorously baby body, so as not to cause harm to the baby spine。 5, jumping operation to seize the baby's armpit, will pick up the baby upright; shore up the baby, your baby's feet pedaling on her mother's lap, with the power of the wrist up and down vibration legs, so also with the baby's body the up and down vibration。