seems to ski北京风月网p the glory, and fade.

  Too, knot, Pei Naochun suddenly realized – though this child eager to get his father’s approval, but he simply did not believe that his father would recognize him, this is simply an infinite loop, even if Pei Naochun say this in, really color without criticism, in his heart can also become dull appearance plenary session.
  ”But frankly, my father also not sure, because I do not know sports, you know.”Pei Naochun can see what the child looks relaxed, as if uncertain of his sentence, is just such things, the only one truth,” King coach and I made an appointment.”
  ”what?”He opened his mouth in surprise, eyes are confused about what?
  ”He and I said, I want to see you run like.”The school has classes on Saturday morning, and perhaps for this reason, the coach did not talk to the son of the king,” that I r广州桑拿网an to see, to prove yourself to me, tell me, you really like running, We do have talent.”
  Father and son not far away, to clearChu to see each other look, Pei Xiangdong the same can clearly see, his father’s firm eyes, he walked to the father to see it?he.You can do it?
  ”Pei Xiangdong.”Pei Naochun can see the child’s hesit北京夜网ation – in memory of the original body, the child even in the most drastic of the night, is so head down, do not watch others, he simply said, Dad, I really love running.He habitually escape his father’s eyes, like you do not look, do not know about his father down.
  ”Ah, I am in.”
  ”If you really run, then run it.”Pei Naochun say seriously,” I want to see my son run up what looked like.”
  ”it is good.”I do not know which sentence touched him, he suddenly nodded, his tone becomes firm, he has too many times, want to see my father saw, remember middle school students Games time, because it is the municipal race, several other player’s parents have come, except that he is a man, then a teacher trying to help him waving his arms shouting refueling, he only can remember, either back or looking ahead, can not see the f