alk to the father.

  ”why?”He eating, trying to make his point slowdown in tone, clear and original body when the patient explain things, always with a smile in his voice can be against his son, but it is serious habitual.
  How can so much why you?Pei Xiangdong obviously did not tucked thing, so empty chopsti杭州桑拿cks into the mouth: “Because I like to run.”He added,” Coach Wang also said, I have this talent.”
  Pei Naochun subconscious mind is drawn, and he is well aware that the child speaks of “the king coach said,” not that he believes he has the talent, perhaps more than he wanted, but he actually felt, even east at least for their confidence did not,.
  ”What do you feel it.”Food into his mouth, it seems all with a bitter taste.
  ”I?”Pei Xiangdong hesitated, before he was on the track and field is not so profound concept, the top days is felt only run fast, or some fantasy, really feel that they can set foot on the court, his left hand gold trophy, that I do not daydreaming?
  ”Ah, you.”He wanted to try and son on the eyes, but could only see his head low.
  ”.Wang’s coach said I could.”He is difficult to calmly replied, ‘I, I was in school, out of the race have run faster than others.’
  ”So, you feel like you’re running on the gifted right?”Pei Naochun was pretty uncomfortable, this is the age of the child, should not be lawless, always feel that they do best in the world?
  He thought he might be able to glory for the country, it may also just wa都市夜网nt to, really want to admit in front of my father nodded, his mouth was about to hang a heavy weight.
  Pei Naochun almost sighed out loud, he abruptly hold back for fear of giving the child what is wrong hint: “Dad no other meaning, but this choice is not so easy to do, you’re going to run a practice, it must delay their own learning, if you are not sure you have the ability, you say how can I make such a decision yet.?”
  ”.I think I might be there.”Even if backed into a dead end, Pei Xiangdong still subconsciously chose to tact