began propped his 苏州夜网shoes cabinet.

  ”Dad, you come back.”Pei Xiangdong in the past, took the plastic bag, silent to the table, open boxes, no hostess at home ever since, for many years did not open fire, hospital cafeteria food is good, from rice, vegetables to the soup, can be packaged together the only drawback is that not so warming, bu北京会所体验网t the microwave oven to save everything.
  ”.Ok.”Entered the room, will be able to perceive deserted house, as father and son, not every day people can stay at home, the room very light flavor of life, if the local hand corner of the touch, but also add a layer gray.
  Pei Naochun little bit embarrassed spoke up: “Eat.”
  ”it is good.”Pei Xiangdong not say anything, buried eat, this young boy, it is a big appetite when ate quickly.
  Original body memory, the family dinner table, do not know where in the beginning, they have been so cold, perhaps starting later Pei Xiangdong grow up?Or is he disappointed from the start?Father and son came back to say a few words altogether so, sit down unannounced finished, each doing housework, and two had to go to school, and occasionally talk more, or to go to school is Pei Xiangdong have any pl苏州桑拿ans, or to go Pei Naochun concerned about the child’s school, in addition, nothing the.
  Long, long ago, Pei Xiangdong three age of two, father and son, or for some extra “sweet” moments, after all, the original body can not go and I do not know what a sense of what children say, if she really said, and he then quickly forget, when small Pei Xiangdong, also her Daddy’s lap like a baby, and rubbing, how are unwilling to let go, of course, these are now long gone.
  Pei Naochun hesitated spoke up: “You, you think it running?”In the original body memory, it is also on this day, the most drastic son to ask a former body did not mind, saying only that some people in mind, then poke.
  ”Ok.”Pei Xiangdong had to take their food out of chopsticks stopped in mid-air, he nodded firmly, in fact, tonight he also wanted to t