Seeing the approaching car park, Coach Wang always have an idea in mind spinning, he hesitated, suddenly caught Pei Naochun.

  ”what happened?Coach Wang?”He stood back, looked a上海419论坛t each other.
  Wang coach the past few days, I always have this idea, but still can not make a decision, can at the moment, he suddenly give birth to the impulse: “Pei Doctor, you’ve seen it run east?”
  ”No.”The original body has always been busy, son of athletic meets, including to the city, the county participate in the competition when he was at work.
  ”Then we set up a time bar.”Coach Wang exceptionally strong,” okay this Saturday?I find people, find venues for eastward run a bar in front of you!You have not seen him run it!”In his memory, Pei Xiangdong lost eyes, smiled and shook his head looks like Pei Naochun repeatedly staggered.
  ”.it is good.”Pei Naochun nodded,” It’s Saturday, set a good time, you tell me, I will be on time.”He also wants to see, the last generation, the original body had never seen before, run深圳桑拿网 up the Pei Xiangdong, he thought, this child, but also want to make sure his father look at it?
  Wang coach stood still in place, watched Pei Naochun away, he is doing sports, you can not think sports bar is way above everything else, after all, in sports, there are too many accidents will happen, no one You can determine the future.Even if the east can not be taken away, he would like a chance to fight for the child, let him in front of his father ran a –
  At least, let his father know that he can do it, of course, the king coach also kept a selfish point, if true running, chances are it Pei doctor will change his mind?
  Run up it, you tell your father, you can do it.

Chapter 68 run up it, young!(Fives)?(Eight)
  The sun gradually fall far horizon sunset washes out the good-looking, passers-by could not help but stop from time to time, lift the phone can shoot, or look at the eyes, the eyes with a note of the United States at the moment.
  ”Eastward, see you tomorrow!”He Xiao