Mo chase, in his view, should be thoroughly trampled to death fishes.

  But now regret it was too late, he might have denied, but not necessarily for the letter Su Yuan.
  At that moment, the idea of countless needy students at Fu Hai Lizi brain, strategizing, he suddenly some confusion, he was staring Su Yuan, trying to ask authoritative tone of temptation: “If I do it?”
  Su Yuan automatically omit the “if” word, just ask: “Is it for me?”
  Su Yuan could not help a little quiet.
  Fu needy mouth twitched, “I is not that terrible?”
  Su Yuan remained silent.
  Fu is poor and no meaning smile, eyes glowing cold waves, “If you could not escape that time, Yan.Photo was broke, ruined life, not everyone will sympathize with you are the victim, most people will only hold the excited state of mind, I just eye for an eye person in his body, nor how to Huo Zhihui she fell to the end, she deserved it.”
  Until now, he has not regretted his behavior.
  Su Yuan is not Notre Dame, can not afford to Huozhi Hui put the slightest sympathy, just as needy Fu said, Huozhi Hui became so she deserved, but the executioner, and why, if it is poor and Fu?Huo Zhihui There is a saying that yes, they