After playing a bandage bow, she is a bit red in the face almost withdrew the hand.

Wu Tao looked on these two little age people who staged though innocent, but people can not help flushing initiatives, with a mouth to reveal a tumble and some meaningful smile.Now this age, even if accompanied by side to find a teenager is not uncommon, not to mention so many capable people, plus the security of the master Zhou Zhou grace, he is naturally a blessing in the heart of.

Shen North Star has always been amazing courage of your convictions, even if this time Wu Tao watched his sight with enough playful fun, he also with a touch of soft watery smile, but not the slightest discoloration.

253 chapter text Talisman

An Wei Zhen even more, and in addition to her in front of Shen North Star will reveal some different kind of attitude before others and unrelated people, facial paralysis were consistent with a face.

So Wu Tao full eyeful of going to watch the two men because of his and Zhou Zhou onlookers, produced embarrassed expression of it was directly crushed delusion.

The two men are embarrassed to mention, not more natural demeanor okay?

An Wei Zhen Wu Tao in the crowd’s attention, a look of calm mixed with two drops of blood bead, beads, etc. blend two drops of blood