Hop, and Xu Xianglin face to face and pretends.

  ”You still live with someone else this building?”Asked Xu Xianglin.
  ”Just moved next door to a man, he seemed to go out just to see something.”She said vaguely.
  I heard someone next door, Xu Xianglin tight twist eyebrows still did not let go: Who “Anyway, you live or insecure, remember to lock the door to go out, try not to go out at night, starting with cat’s eye look at the front door is.”
  Xu Xianglin talking like a monk, like a big half an hour, talking straight to the micro-Xin long sleepy, and finally he reluctantly stood up, “Well, I do not say much, something you must give me a call, no matter how I will come late, you do not bother me without telling me, your parents are not here, I’m more than just looking after you point.”
  After this deity away, Xin long micro paralyzed on the sofa, not to mention motivation to go take a bath makeup.
  Xu Xianglin come out of the apartment building, go inside almost hit people.
  Come wearing a black cap, down under the hat, revealing only the delicate cold white lips and chin, fingers tucked a cigarette, the body has a faint smell of smoke, hands a bag of black stuff that looks very heavy heavy, I do not know which is