Grass poison sallow woman left, she did a very bad thing today, but everything has happened.

  When the grass poison woman in a hurry to leave, Chen diving wondering for a long time, he always felt a little wrong child that lady’s body, but they can not tell what is wrong with the child.
  All in all, this feeling makes a diving Chen feel very uncomfortable.
  ”Bi Ying, you all right?”Chen looked at the diving Bi Ying.
  Bi Ying shook his head: “Nothing ah, how the?”
  ”It’s nothing.”Chen diving light:” Then get busy with you, yes, for a while here, then bake several kilograms of lamb chops.”
  ”it is good.”Bi Ying nodded:” Brother, you go eat.”
  Night time is always too soon.
  Bi Ying Chen diving and returned home when the leaves have been ten o’clock at night, and Ye Xue Fu has just finished their day socializing back, Su Qing dragged his weary body off the same.
  Ye Xiao Yao went to the refrigerator and took yogurt, and handed each person a bottle of himself, these workaholics say they do not know how to love yourself, attitude to work should not be hard, such a state gone too far.
  However, his party and his party have difficulties, no one wants to be so hard, some things had to be done.
  Ye Xiao Yao university teacher must now do some of leisure, if she really do singer, go entertainment, that she was