[Trained, trained, trained, trained, trained, fairies to ogle me ~~~~~]

  [Punch killed a trained, trained, strange, fairy my]
  [Punch killed a rival, my little fairy]
  [Front Hao Fan, watching the show ah!!!]
  [It is that part of Chicago dance film inside the prison bars?]
  [That] made adaptation
  [Pick a look that outsider ah]
  The main Temperament]
  [See figure it is?]
  [Indus very glamorous, more suited to play the female killer]
  [Indus and Liu Liu Meng with little contrast, the effect is pretty good, plus extra points]
  [Liu Liu is the role of blonde, brunette Indus is female, dance is put the number of female prisoners blend together]
  [Good] to see ~~~~~
  After the show finished Indus and Liu Liu Feng looked at Miu Miu an early, it was Tao Man pulling children stand up, six people will have to stand center stage.
  Miu Miu also pay any attention to them, find themselves over water to drink, they went directly to the audience to find land for a drink seventy-one.Small fathers is certainly the best water to drink.
  They know that people are familiar, for the convenience of their own home land and water, as early as in many years ago bought a water plant, specialize in high-end drinking water.Mainly to land for the family to drink, and then sell the rest of it.Are being bought by people familiar round package, because the value of land and small ancestral mountain spring water, certainly good none.Lu Jia mountain spring water also made a reservoir that place it inside the fish are wild fish spawning offspring