Very complicated things, requires a company to negotiate rope.But if East game company can settle this matter to a leadership position, certainly can greatly enhance the company’s position in the entire game industry.Du Wenjiang very excited to take over this task, ready to go back to the full collection of relevant information, and then work out a detailed and feasible plan, and finally go into action.

  Li Xuan now has embarked on a charter flight north of the continent.Mr. Tung Fok of Hong Kong should be organized in the mainland delegation has been formed to complete, including the Cathay Pacific Boeing 737 aircraft, direct flights from Hong Kong to North – Beijing.
  Delegation to participate in the north, a total of 12 persons in addition to more than Hong Kong billionaires, but also politicians and celebrities including academia.Chinese top political heavyweights such as Hong Kong, Senior Member of the Executive Council and the Legislative Council, Mr. Zhong Siyuan double, Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ma Lin et al..
  Li Xuan reason readily agreed to invite Huo old, he is reluctant to give up this rare opportunity for high-level exchanges with the mainland.Before he perhaps worried about whether it will be marked – questions “pro-Communist” political labels.
  But with the rising Eastern companies worldwide influence, Li Xuan already have access to top politicians.For example, in the United States when he was before, and the United States will honor the newly appointed president Ronald.Reagan lunch.Li Xuan But when Reagan campaign, spread over 100 million dollars to support his main Daikin.
  In addition to Reagan described the new government will firmly implement the tax on lunch, to support a common problem outside the enterprise development, Li Xuan also took the opportunity to get advice on the next US – China issues position