Directly to the case of Zhou Yu home.

  ”Bo Brother, how do you see?”Qin Bo door, in case of Zhou Yu called, he came.
  Covered with a huge map on the table in front of her, she folded up piece of paper on the map above depicting a clear matrix method.
  The matrix method is not complicated, but even if it is familiar with the matrix method of feng shui is also difficult to understand it in the end what role, week in case of natural jade can not see.
  But she can read text.
  This matrix method is copied from the book that records feng shui of her parents’ stay down, after the library before the event she thought for a long time, or feel that they will not battle formation is a huge problem, and then she looked back that book, thought to want to, suddenly a flash with new ideas.
  Why did she want to see mixed text and matrix method?She can look like other materials, like the word independent look.
  Such a thought, since she’d quickly come to understand what the book.For example, after the matrix method, she is comparing a lot of text description, guess that behind the man with the library FIGHTING.
  The reason is just speculation but not determine, because a lot of tactical deployment of that book did not specify the role, just beside with a variety of bizarre characters, such as: ten days of drought, heavy rain; large