This little girl, no reason to want to get out of a bumbling fraud and gird him, it touches more and more capability, and still do not know just what to say and Chunxiao behind him bad things about it, she’d also like rational, and he does not look good cure her, or has not, ah God?

Today Fuchu after Bowen issue, it seems that everyone is a lot of convergence, but also more and more “to understand the rules”, and a star got not neglect, because we know, is not a big lady mess Zhu Er.
Jiang Chu also touches a lot of liking.
Especially around more than a competent arms, doing nothing easier.
“Haner, Haner,” Jiang Chu to take a small rattle that in teasing the arms of children Kim.
That chubby baby also do not see facial features, the eyes would sparkle, looking at there is the spirit of effort, staring at the moment he was rolling giggling and grinning Jiang Chu.
“This child is actually not at all shy of strangers, looking at no one laughing.”
“Kids are like this, looked new, naturally rejoiced.”Kim laughs.
Jiang Chu thought, but shook his head: “No,