Wei Shen Zhen mind with the North Star initiative suddenly startled, as if there are numerous fireworks bloom at the same time in her mind, numerous streamer across her consciousness, shattered her mind, so she did I think, not what to think but also.

An Wei Zhen subconscious head down, watching Shen North Star will last drop of blood bead rolled into the mouth, then gently let go of her gentle eyes watery, with some gravelly voice, “hurts?”

Shen also flutter flutter North Star guard in the palm of your fingers, An Wei Zhen heard immediately shook his head quickly, “No, It does not hurt anymore.”

Shen Beichen mouth smile gentle and charming, he slightly loosened one hand, freeing the other hand to get aside bandages and alcohol disinfection.

First, wipe it again with alcohol film The CD Zhen palm wounds, although Shen Zhen Wei An Beichen see looking the same, but he looked this way a slight palm white flesh wound, or distressed.

Fear with alcohol eliminate bacteria to clean sheet so that the only safe Zhen two more by pain, Shen North Star had picked up speed, and then to be carefully wipe, took the bandage carefully around and around the injured hand security Wei Zhen wrapped up.

An Zhen Wei Hongxia all over his face, yet intimate in Shen North Star will