send you home.”

  There are a good few more luxury cars roaring past from her eyes.
  Many of them pressed the window “kindly” invited her successful ride, Zhangzi Xian always smiling with themselves and others an excuse declined.
  Rain wet clothes, heavy cold affixed to her body.
  She pulled out a lighter and cigarettes from his pocket, her cigarette in his mouth, holding a lighter Kacha Kacha to hit a few also play no fire to.
  White cigarette quickly becomes wet in the rain, she felt invisible.
  She stubbornly name I do not know what a fire engine failure, you want to ignite the flame to burn already wet cigarette.
  A cluster of flames in her eyes jump out.
  Her hands still lighter quiet cold.
  She lifted her head and looked at Yu Pei standing in the misty rain.
  Yu Pei hands of the soon to be lighter rain-fed cold to quench the flames, followed by, click, bang, extinguish the flame and burning up.
  Crumbling small red flames in the night wind and rain.
  ”Do not want?”Yu Pei voice colder than the rain.
  Zhangzi Xian Yang lip and smiled: “Do not.”
  She loosened fingers, wet cigarettes fall into a puddle on the ground, she smiled and said: “I was just wanted to smell your taste.”

Chapter 71
  Yu Pei