Water character.

  XIA away all these years have seen several chat said Ren Hai Xun, not particularly nasty Commerce also did not particularly like the subject of any sea Xun, Xiao original flies very hard the past few years, learn to dislike professional, not like doing business, always wearing masks to engage in intrigues fight deal, go about their day even as a student to take the same math when pastime hobby when not possible, because free time almost all the debris, unable to concentrate, phone PC boot almost twenty-four hours leave the body at any time, there will be all kinds of unexpected situations bother, can only suppress their desire to accommodate the unique loved ones.
  Maybe this world, there are a lot of people live unhappy lives, many people are not interested in learning professional, a lot of people do not like doing work.
  Pleasant on such a life, if possible, why not happy over the rest of it.
  ”Xiao original, your mother only life, but you had only a lifetime.But a generation difference twenty or thirty years, you can not wait until the fifties and sixties, before you start your own life right?”XIA away seventeen years old when first love, never in front of the original Xiao’s face said a word to his mother, that between mother and child, is not she should interfere in the matter, but now at breaking up