OGO show his wealth and taste, the business elite will go to high-end custom-made suit and tie, everything seems logical, in fact, are the result of deliberate.

“Savvy.”The old man looked at the table, smiled and said:” We left ten minutes.”

This ten minutes, enough to completely change his perception.

Chapter 93

  The evening also trying to mobilize all his attention, even the elderly are afraid to miss the sound of ventilation.
  He had a vague feeling that they are trapped on the hillside climber, was suddenly pulled up.
  Then figured out a few things, and then glimpse of a more deep essence –
  ”Let people feel for fashion fanatic premise, suggesting that they are more than enough concept.”
  ”The best way to implant a concept, is to give them the desire.”
  The old man slowly said: “This is why people indulge in one of the reasons.”
  Vietnam also startled a moment later, as if suddenly struck by a bullet in general.
  He seems to have suddenly able to put the teachings of his father and brothers, the old man’s advice, as well as all who knew him are all interwoven through this world in one in just a moment in.
  Themselves living in a world with limited resources, instinctively desire to have as many resources.
  Wealth, fame, intelligence, sex appeal –
  And a lot of people wearing PRADA and GUCCI’s,