, But we parents are assured that an outsider can say what he?

  He was more angry is that she totally thought things told him, if such a thing happen again in the future how to do?
  ”Do not worry, I let my parents a few days into the password to lock the door, and out of this thing, the district where tighter security than previously, A city district did not have a few of my high-end, I do not want to move cost-effective.”
  She was telling the truth, he did not solve this kind of thing fundamentally, can only bow to sulk.
  ”I give you up, do not you see for the door, I do not trust.”
  ”Good Le.”
  Xin long micro shrugged, and brought him up.
  Xu Xianglin the original primary natural heart is not really an unfamiliar opposite sex, her apartment and he had come over, since people are coming up, always good to go sit not put people off, let him micro-Xin long after the door was about to close, next door open the door, hands Xing twilight carrying bags, wearing a black cap, bow out.
  She opened his mouth, say something, there Xing evening before cold standing in the elevator, without even looking at her,
  She had quietly closed the door.
  No one will, out came a muffled heavy landing, micro-Xin long to be scared