Thankfully, the number of guests come here because no seat to eat, you do not come I’m so grateful.”Chen also finished diving loudly on the road outside Wang Yong:” Yongge, this table who do not come later, and today 1.0 can not wipe.”

  A group of people hate teeth itch, but due to Chen behind diving and so a group of big boys and not rash.
  ”Today I put the words put down, eat well, get out after dinner a little thing did not dare to make trouble, not even think about a walk.”Chen just finished diving loosen the big fellow.
  The group which also the mood to eat, then go on yelling: “I did not bake those are not, and packed on the table, we have to go back to feed the dog!”
  Bi Ying snappily throw them a plastic bag: “I pack!Play clean point!Well, he says you feed the dog feed the dog, do not take home ‘honor’ parents!”
  Episode passed quickly, you can get grass poison woman was ignorant.
  Since she started to raise insanity, so no one dared to approach her, everyone afraid of her, no one will help her succeed, people just dislike her.
  Although she does not need others to help, people who offend her she would go under the insanity revenge, but this is to help people feel good.
  ”Grandma, you are looking for people you?”Bi Ying Road and interest, but grass poison woman was silent, and turned left.
  This allows them are wondering exactly why.