You can lock.

  He casually put the remote back and throw, I asked a handful of forest raw leg, so he disk in his waist, said the sound in his ear: “We are not going room.”Then came the desk in the forest health on the table.
  Table piled a lot of files, the file ceremony Yao Ji rushed to one side, quickly picked up debris on the table, stuffed into a drawer headlong.Drawer is opened, Lin-sheng to see once again that a locked wooden box.
  Lin students time to reflect, Ji Yao ritual kiss can not wait to fall, have to suck his faint.Lin-sheng hand against him, “Well, we do this.”
  He cut back to Ji Yao ceremony arms, hugged, “such a large French window behind you, all people saw.”
  Yao Ji ceremony ripped off his tie, suit jacket also tossed aside, rubbing his earlobe forest health, “Kaoru Lin is the highest floors of the surrounding buildings, the sky next to us is, who can see?”
  Forest Health blushing light ah cry, and then reached for the belt solution Yao Ji ceremony, Yao Ji action did not stop the hands of the ceremony, slipped out of the clothes forest health, but also to reach out and touch vest forest health, feeling his temperature, “Are you cold, you want to Do not open higher temperature.”
  Forest Health shook his head, just to help him pull down his trousers that Yao Ji ceremony took his arm around he sat boss