Kam was very helpless, “gas you have in mind there is no need at this time it spread out?You do not want to group into the role we want.”

  ”You are to stand united front, I do not really think the company has invested money took two roles, it certainly is your foregone conclusion, and if there are any changes in his crew over there, and today you are the performances to the blind read!!”Wonderful pique sit back, ‘serious enemy did not know who it is, you know harm with the company, not really a little color.’
  Guoya Jie and rice are children under the brow wrinkled, but we are not stupid, but nobody followed by the words.Feng left early look right look, “So, who show that it?”
  Miu Miu snorted not words.
  Indus took Liu Liu, “We both come.”
  Liu Liu stood up, bowed first, “we have just bicker, sorry ah, this is how we, the more noise the better feelings.”Head tilt to sell Meng,” you will be when I say is true Okay? ~ ~ ~ ”
  This ability [with open eyes lie, really won the fairies true mass]
  [2333333, Liu Liu is best at selling Meng act cute ah]
  [Feng Meng also sell just the beginning of it?]
  [I will be in accordance with any of your performance, carefully scoring]
  [Yes, absolutely not live up to the expectations of small fairy!!!]
  Lu seventy-one to the camera than the blink of an eye up a thumb, that’s good ~ ~ ~ ~
  [Trained, trained, trained, my little fairy power!!]
  [Trained, trained, trained, trained, obviously I was charged ~ ~ ~ ~]