Three constellations expected to merge with their predecessors in may

There are many reasons for a relationship to break up. Perhaps it is because they do not see eye to eye with each other. Perhaps it is because of a long time, a long time and a weak feeling. It is also possible to break up because of a careless word and a word that does not agree. However, even if they are separated, they will still miss each other. Memories are always recalled. So who among the twelve constellations is expected to reunite with his predecessor in May?? Let’s have a look.   Taurus Taurus has strong and long-term feelings. They are definitely called faithful Friends and Lovers in love. They are willing to give and be loyal to their feelings in love. Although they will not actively initiate the pursuit, they are deeply emotional and single-minded. Although they broke up with the other half, the Taurus’ love luck is still possible in May. There is a great chance of getting back together with the former. If the former comes back to contact you, you may as well take the initiative. Your reconciliation will make you feel very sweet and fully feel the security that the other brings to you..   Leo lions show their domineering qualities all the time. To outsiders, it seems that they have the upper hand to fall in love with lions. The other side should listen to them all. They are very arrogant. However, the lions are actually very dependent on each other in their hearts. It is the lion who is most afraid of losing the other side. Fortunately, in May in inside, lions will be favored by Cupid and Cupid. Even if the other party may break up with you due to your bullying or other reasons, they will probably come back to you in May. The relationship is expected to get back together. However, they should also reflect on themselves. Do not take face too seriously, and it is not a bad thing to drop down occasionally..   Capricorn Capricorn is good at disguising himself. Even for the person he loves, he will strictly control his feelings. Sometimes he has inferiority complex and is a person who is not good at expressing his inner feelings. However, although he does not say anything on the surface, he pretends that he is actually you. He is a person who yearns for his feelings and will not easily forget the feelings his predecessor gave him. Sachi will have many opportunities to appear in inside in May. Peach blossom is especially strong. Single people are expected to take off the list. Lovers and partners have sweet feelings. Capricorns who are separated from their partners have the greatest influence. Cupid will stay with you for a long time in May. If you have the opportunity to get along with your predecessor, you must grasp the opportunity well. If you love her, express your heart to her. The other party still has feelings for you. Please indicate the source of the original article.