What constellation is May 7

The constellation born on May 7 is Taurus, and the birth date of Taurus is April 21-May 20. Taurus belongs to the earth sign and is located in Zodiac’s second house. Venus is the guardian star.. Like its name, it is a typical representative of pragmatism, conservatism and tradition.. He is a real realist and pays great attention to material life.. He often gives people the image of being rigid, stubborn, inflexible and materialistic..   Taurus is a very conservative constellation. They are slow-moving and do not like changes, which makes Taurus need a long time to adapt to the surrounding environment.. They yearn for a stable and comfortable life with high quality. They will not be impatient and rash. They will only make steady progress and be stubborn. Once they decide on one thing, they will not be able to bring back ten cows. At the same time, they are pragmatic and have a pursuit for the beauty of the material world, such as money and food.. But they are born with depression and stress, and hoarders of emotional stress, so the power of an eruption is like a volcanic eruption.. Taurus is the most diligent and tenacious of the twelve constellations.. Their stable and gentle temperament, hard work and perseverance are all good qualities in Taurus.   Taurus Desire, who pursues wealth, is very strong. They aspire for a high-quality life.. Good material conditions and comfortable living environment are the direct factors to measure their inner security.. They are definitely not keen on things with a little uncertainty. Once they are sure, they will do their best.. Taurus likes to use the first impression to decide how much they like a person, and to pursue better quality than the three.. In addition, Taurus is also a gastronomist and has a fanatical love for food.. Taurus has his own unique view and pursuit of body, sports and all beautiful things..   Taurus has a weak adaptability to new things. He likes to live a stable life and has the character of a pastoral poet. Generally speaking, Taurus is not willing to change his living habits easily.. The change of emotional rhythm is also slow and slow, but once triggered, it is out of control.. Therefore, Taurus generally gives people the feeling of honesty and loyalty. Emotionally, Taurus is like a cow, honest and frank and lasting.. Family concept is very important to Taurus. What he wants is a partner who can take responsibility for family life with him. Taurus, who is family-centered, usually can bring a reliable and safe feeling to his family.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.