What constellation is May 4

What constellation is May 4? What constellation is May 4 in the solar calendar? Users who have just contacted constellations do not know whether the constellations are calculated according to the lunar calendar or the solar calendar. Constellations are part of astrology and originated from the west, and constellation dates are calculated and queried according to the solar calendar.. The person born on May 4 is Taurus. Come with Xiao Bian to understand what are the characteristics of Taurus born on May 4.    Born on may 4, you are the following: practical and conservative Taurus date of birth: April 20-may 20 brief introduction of Taurus. Like its name, it is a typical representative of pragmatism, conservatism and tradition.. He is a real realist and pays great attention to material life.. He often gives people the image of being rigid, stubborn, inflexible and materialistic..   The basic characteristics of Taurus are as follows: people with the sun in Taurus are sedate and pragmatic, have a restrained and stable way of doing things, change their thoughts and emotions slowly, like stability and are afraid of changes.. Enjoy a comfortable and comfortable life, and desire to continuously expand their wealth. Desire, who likes to satisfy his own sensory needs and instincts, Taurus will not act casually and get used to the same monotonous way of doing things. If he is too stable, he will be a little passive and lazy..   The specific characteristics of Taurus are as follows: Taurus is Zodiac’s second house and Venus is the dominant star. Taurus Desire, who pursues wealth, is very strong. They aspire for a high-quality life.. Good material conditions and comfortable living environment are the direct factors to measure their inner security.. They are definitely not keen on things with a little uncertainty. Once they are sure, they will do their best.. Taurus likes to use the first impression to decide how much they like a person, and to pursue better quality than the three.. In addition, Taurus is also a gastronomist and has a fanatical love for food.. Taurus has his own unique view and pursuit of body, sports and all beautiful things..   Taurus has the following physical features: Body proportion is generally strong and shapely, with thick or graceful muscles in lips, chin, neck and back, small ears and mostly Hair on the temples. There are few facial expressions and dull eyes..   Taurus style: Taurus has a very planned way of doing things. Taurus will always analyze the pros and cons first, Overcautious and indecisive, and then proceed cautiously. Taurus never does anything that has no chance of winning. Once he starts doing it, he will be careful and fully committed.. They are patient, down-to-earth and have a business mind and firm values. Such a practical and reliable style of conduct makes people trustworthy..   The blind spot of Taurus’s personality is as follows: Taurus people are too strong in their pursuit of material and money. Sometimes they are very practical in their choice of friends, giving people the feeling of money worshipers, and they are regarded as a skinflint The Lost Kung Fu Secrets.. Acting too carefully, lacking the ability to adapt to changes, it is easy to miss good opportunities.. He is very grumpy when he starts his temper. He is too serious and lacks a sense of humor. His interpersonal relationship tends to be stiff..   Taurus summarizes the following contents: Taurus is a very conservative constellation. They yearn for a stable and comfortable life with high quality, so they are very persistent in their pursuit of money.. Hard work and perseverance are all good qualities in Taurus. The slow heat of personality and the unwillingness to change make Taurus need a long time to adapt to the surrounding environment.. Taurus is a symbol of wealth, and often has its own unique opinions in the field of financial investment. Taurus men generally have chauvinism, while Taurus women attach more importance to their appearance.. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.