What constellation is May 30th?

May 30 is Gemini. Gemini people are clever and sharp when things happen. They are a little bit clever. They are generally brilliant, good at pursuing new things, and like to constantly change their state.. Because Gemini lacks patience in doing things, they are always hot for three minutes, encounter a little difficulty, and easily give up their pursuit of goals, giving people a feeling of unreliability.. Gemini has a good interpersonal relationship due to its lively and clever lovely character and clever verbal communication skills..   Gemini has a strong curiosity, likes to explore new things constantly, and has the courage to try. As the saying goes, “Curiosity Kills the Cat”, but it is because of this spirit that life becomes interesting. Gemini enjoys and pursues such a restless life.. Gemini has restless genes in his bones. He is active and impatient. When an environment is like a pool of stagnant water, it is unchangeable and lifeless every day, Gemini is definitely the first one who can’t stand it.. Gemini likes to keep things fresh and challenge different things.. Therefore, they are often impatient and easy to give up in their perseverance..   Mercury, Gemini’s ruler, is the god of messengers. It stimulates wisdom, but it also makes people picky and nervous.. Because the Gemini are naturally quick-witted, have first-class eloquence, are good at making up and making up, have no trace, have no fox’s tail to show, can one flour tell a lie, one flour knows the important meaning, coupled with sweet words, their words are always colorful, so it is easy to mistake the Gemini for being very flirtatious, in fact it is only the Gemini’s uneasiness that affects others’ views on them, and the Gemini will never be flirtatious emotionally..   Gemini likes to be brave, competitive and face-saving.. When dealing with people, as long as one feels that one’s ability and financial resources are better than that of others, one will carry all the responsibilities and burdens on oneself.. Such hard roles often make people feel uncomfortable and depressed.. This kind of strong character will only make Gemini sad, hurt and financially hurt in the end.. Gemini is very confident about his intelligence and intelligence. Under normal circumstances, this self-belief is ingeniously packaged by Gemini with expressions and speeches, which is not easy to detect.. Only when you accidentally set foot in Gemini’s private sphere can you discover that Gemini’s hidden “superior” self-righteousness. Original articles of Zodiac Music should be reprinted with the source indicated.