Valentine's Day Special plan: To love serious love – BEIJING, lifestyle channel

Can you guess what the hottest Valentine's Day?Not flowers, not chocolate, but the hotel, especially the "fun hotel"。 Reporters went to the hotel in Changsha taste after interviews found that Valentine's Day all rooms have been finished book。
Reporters also noted that visiting this hotel booking guests, are basically about young people aged 20-30。
Reporters saw on the walls of the hotel front desk, room close to a variety of picture。 Pretty floral wallpaper, purple crystal lighting, color crystal curtain, water lying in bed heart-shaped rose petals……Issue love postcards, laying Rose Avenue……Valentine's Day this year, the business style all their own, are mouths to pay an extra couple of pockets。
Reporters learned that this year's Valentine's Day, in addition to regular discounts, many shopping malls are keen to engage in exclusive creative activities, the center will be built department stores rose garden, Rose Avenue in the store, so that a pair of couples finding love in the rose; International Plaza issued "love 2012 tickets", World Trade Plaza for couples after 50 to 90 after, love people, love the title song were introduced……。