Butterfly, opened his sleepy eyes Xing Zhong, gently dancing his beautiful wings, and flew out the window, looking for a dream.Window, flowers, plume of breath, like a masterpiece of Fairy, emerged out of a harmonious, peaceful scene.Butterflies, flowers dance in, intoxicated.When he stopped on a clear green leaves, he saw a cluster of buds, as it arcs across the color from his eyes, and one of the bright.He was deeply in love with her, pink, with a shy smile.Since then, a butterfly, often waving his beautiful wings on a clear green leaves, and vowed to no longer own beautiful.Pink, Hanbaoyufang.Finally, in my heart forever bears the butterfly can not shake off the impression – it is a pink flower of the moment, a pair of bright eyes, a rapturous smile, can not help but feel a.Pink and inconspicuous.But Pink can see a clear green butterfly always in the midst of the stage waving his beautiful wings, dancing dancing youth.Each action seems to spring outline.Pink does not understand, it was a butterfly to a flower and work.Butterfly, saw the pink, pink he knew it must look at him.He used his most beautiful dance, demonstrating the spring beautiful melody.Butterfly, deeply love this piece of clear green leaves.He liked in this small stage waving his youth, with beautiful clear pink.Dance, also attracted a companion, also puzzled attendant.He told them that greeted it was ridiculed.They say, a butterfly and a flower will never have feelings, unless the flower one day and turned it into a butterfly.He did not understand, but do not want to believe.Under the setting sun, clear patch of green on the stage, you can still clearly see the shadow moving Splendor.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) Day after day, pink, no longer enjoy the butterflies dancing.She became tired, she no longer see him.He can not feel her.Bright eyes of enthusiasm, but he still believes dedication.Persuasion, laugh constantly one after another.Finally, tired butterfly, in the midst of the hustle and bustle, he dragged a weary wings, disappeared in a clear green leaves.Can still be seen in the clear patch of green leaves, she had left a butterfly Aging.If you prefer, you can also see a faded and lost the next original pink petals, butterflies hovering around a fear of accidentally wind, blew away his beautiful dream.