Butterflies are the soul of the former flower

Each butterfly is the soul of the former flower, come back to look for it yourself.To see such a sentence, could not help but always inevitable dementia for a while, blowing, the sky is elegant swirls butterfly, Ruoyouruowu, is a lengthy refreshing fragrance.    Always thought cocoon endure pain, but for the sake of the United States into a butterfly, to dream every night can really beautiful swirls of Pina dance in the bright sunshine, but I do not know, I just another reincarnation of the original, only to find pre-existence of their own.    Butterfly Butterfly, perhaps a lot of people’s hearts forever whipped.That flutter and dance, not just love, beautiful, and, for a legend forever.That exquisitely carved wings, disseminated mind how much water, the tenderness, the dance was so graceful scene?What kind of crazy, only the achievements of the next two butterflies dancing in the sunlight lang whipped?This two butterflies, searching the pre-existence, what is it?Could it be, two and hoof lotus?If so, then the pre-existence and hoof lotus flower blooming, budding in which one pair of eyes in the warmth?Which in turn is a wisp of wind, blowing open its first wipe the smile that came to greet its soul?    And in March, the joy of spring grass grow flowers.To mid-spring, there are four seasons fragrance.But, who asked you melancholy melancholy, who vaguely overlapping forward to your vaguely?When the cold hand slipped dream, who Tears drop, over the constant ancient, drops to the ear?That was one, never asked, confused export, or, a group forever combing unclear Complex?    Gently dough, which can be just what the March wind?Who was riding all the way from the peach, the smile bright as the sun, the mind, such as the ancient silence?If you captivated this is nothing but a passing wind, you are asked to open their minds that put it as quiet lotus?    If I’m just looking for a butterfly, then, that the quiet flowers, quietly in the sky under which?Who put himself into the warmth of the sun, give it the necessary nourishment bloom?    March turns warm again, who can tell me, with the warm, which would like to open a flower of dreams, with the cold, which is only butterfly wings to fly?Miss, whether it is best to keep warm coat?    And in March, uh, too much rain drops hometown, I do not know who untold feelings, quit hanging Acacia.Wet looking forward to the wings, looking at the empty pre-existence of antecedents.    If a flower, really open at the other side of the sea, butterflies Oh, you are putting yourself into a dry miss, with the wind blowing over the sea to wipe the smile that first, or, vibration looking for flying wings, the own, eventually folded sections in the sea?