But I was already casting haze of confusion

Part one: but was already casting haze of confusion perfected just kind of awkward generous, no one really willing to give up their own happiness.The only tears always love the most sacred offerings not want to love, fear, love into a long period of resentment.Also fear, love is kind of hurt.I love, so busy, so lonely.  Eyebrow point Dai color, lip point cinnabar, the Red lofty decorated to show you Kam, one thousand Hibiscus clothes you with Chinese clothes.You are born with a gentle wake up but it is my obsession once again, innocent eyes that day really is the salvation of my soul scarred.”I love you,” the words Prophecies, since then, they bear the heavy yoke of happiness in all your dreams.Those sad ending just as the foreshadowing.I did not think you want to be buried my passionate, but not willing to let go so, since God gave me a second chance to love you, how could I quit it?  Flowery Meijuan, Homecoming, get back in the past, did not return.Drum and bell upset by external quiet, filled with three thousand thoughts a few people guess rogue.The Bowl, when people say that unusual.At first, you change with elegant turn me Half a displaced, now, I miss the longest in exchange for only the shortest of love.During that yearning, suffering, long.During that love, sincere, frank.Even if you only watched the last sad back, even if your mind will emerge Allure face, which for me has been enough to make me later years aftertaste.Since the choice not to look back, never forget why?Since it is bound to be missed this life, why should they vowed?Has always been shallow edge, but since the Wife!Let me grow into a tree, you must pass through at the junction.  Dusk tea has been cool earth, cold spare clavicle quiet.When your heart is really in pain, tears about to flow down, then quickly look up, this piece of the sky once belongs to us; day is still so vast, clouds are still clear, you shall not cry, because my leave does not take away your world.  Remembrance into.Part II: but was already casting haze of confusion “Forgive me colder honest and upright official court dress cut to fit the look for day clothes and take your rest assured that a product silk embroidery cut things pocket, you skillfully even three lines rhyme and sonnet, to I do become mend patchwork map.Be quiet, March ghost rain, I want to turn back trunk box, and then crack a sweat-free then wiping away his tears handkerchiefs.”Nightlife Network – Jane Jeong” April Liebo “old sun shines on the fence this morning crowing, morning breeze from the past back in September, dumping out a thin line of poetry.  Wet rain dyed white book’s title page, the ancient Chinese character rain soak into the fibers.I turned page after page of poetry yellowed pages, black and white bring the distances of disconsolate.Many age-old story, because a special moment slowly flows through the eyes, wet mood.I used to read to frame made of Tyrants, the memories woven into the spring cherry, that the past will fall into a stable piece of verse, singing people have changed.However, those glazed dark green thing already become moldy taste of the final miles of the Red, horse rustling do not look back.  Nalanxingde still low water pens night to sing the words, Xiaoxiang concubine Xiaoxiang Guan buried in the souls of flowers, a condensed out of the eclipse tears, when the story hearted become untouchable bedside pull words.  A reading of a story, the story has become the owner of inadvertently.I never denied that it was a story of people, those shallots are numerous stories compiled a collection of poetry, shallow Yin today’s human non-story.I had a rebellious period of hysterical, had a manic hostility of puberty, in the past, personnel exposure last night in front of a person, Wan Wan flowing into the endless night sky.For it to, always a kind of painful embarrassment.I never wanted to deny there was how darn, that a long rebellion to torture everyone disaster that he will not be able to extricate themselves in such torment.I have the most straightforward monologue in other articles, but now the road when to go to, he did feel weird.Later, after everything was quiet, and I never once had to apologize, then later quietly through the day, but had traveled once or inadvertently, when time after my nightmare, woke up a disconsolate.  At that time had a chance to have said, did, still still wet memories corridor is sun dried, remind me Timely visit.  I have gone through a River and a large and small art shops and art shops in town only a few rough facade, simple furnishings, but still can not stop our pace Qing Ling.Every time the sun sickly sleepy time, on an afternoon scouring time.Paint, watercolor, gouache, acrylic, shaking the starlight shadow days, fell out of the endless pleasant.And painting shop owner increasingly familiar, and he would Qinghe jokes from time to time, each time with a minimum price buy favorite paintings.Still able to think of people mixing with warm sunshine and deep Sung Yu Cang Greenwood on the road, coming and going out of the car to open our eyes.Or, Qinghe and I escaped one afternoon class, while others desperately college entrance examination, we can always persuade the teacher gave us a fake afternoon.Qinghe and I will go to Amoy Street house only video store, video store is a small place, soft lighting, as the wall like a thick ink.Qinghe like listening to cello DavidPopper, always indulge in his low and melancholy cello in an afternoon.Nostalgic past, dyed green mind.Qinghe said to me one day when we no longer than these days, because no matter what the reason, it is only because we are willing to flow into inaction.Dream worry too hard, only sincere on this.I can remember his words, just write down all sorts of mind now, is it not too honest monologue?  Qinghe unwittingly as I got a warm nest, clear water meanders through, egrets mouthpiece to get wings, whether it is running account or just detached from reality worth mentioning, he gave me the green years of the most poetic memory.Qinghe one day give me a note in class: do not give me the order, I went to a rank order; I do not give a day, I went to hack one day, life for the emperor, not as slaves.So he always took me to find a different way to see different scenery.His state of mind and out of tune with the Qinghe the name, but he was bald and inner edges of character are constantly looking into the restless urge to.He skipping every few days, sometimes take me, but I did not have the guts to hack day.I was a serving prisoner of reality, and he is the ideal Letters kingdom collection of beliefs, but he still put my written his poetry to a pure language.Xia Bank spirit, Qinghe put it in his pockets, with the letterhead sent me his whereabouts.Search for his whereabouts, only God knows.  He was not content to do a tie cocoon, Danxizhijian, starting from the heart.Life trekking song, he made a brief stop to read the sentence, and then, three two horses, tomorrow End of the World.  This time, he said he was in Gulangyu, holding the sand, send me a copy of Xiamen blue sky.Perhaps one day be covered with rings orbit life, but in the juvenile sea of secular life, ideal if carries through life, drifting away in among the fragments to piece together a complete ideal, also regarded as a fine.Dispersion polymerization, but the rest of the post is his emotional point on a solid color of light rain and snow, do a long-term dream of clear.I know, he just did not want to drink regret, so throwing earthly trouble thinking, devoid in natural kurong.  For treason me to fend for themselves, and I always inseparable Qinghe, for me fend off earthly annoyance.I always to him for help in the tearful and told him my sensitive and vulnerable.Thus, in light of the human situation, he gave me more line farther still to be born.I was in a classroom would not go in night classes standing outside, leaning against the window, standing in front of me said to Qinghe, you sang me a song now.Qinghe rubbed my hair and said, I can sing, oh.I remember the night weaving a dense eyes, across our posture.He sings: this world if you have too many complaints, fall will not dare to move forward, why do people have to be so fragile fall, you turn on the TV to see how many people are bravely go on in life, we are not the contentment and cherish everything even if we do not own, remember you said home is the only castle, the river continues to run with the Tao Heung, a smile, a child’s dream I know, do not cry, let the fireflies bring you run away, countryside songs always rely on, go home, back to the beginning of a beautiful.I will always remember that day, the song Shame water flow into my dream field.  Qinghe story, like fireflies on a summer night, in the sea of shiny grass towering wind.Today, River at a place far away from me, I could not go to his participation in the Red destiny, audio books and personnel.However, the matter was, I would drink this cup of tea, skim one hand holding the sun.Qinghe in my memory, stick to it.Today, I have learned how to calm the mood, know how quiet life, this is not Mighty no noise, is Qinghe went away in the Letters to the station with my letterhead words, so that my mind had a home capsule capsule.  Jane Jeong said: no more words, I will be with you in the political arena to the vicissitudes of life as a drink, Love to feed their families, do the clothes Jinhua years service, in the hundred thousand turn back, quietly turned, and then leave.This is my answer to the Qinghe.  But I was already casting haze of confusion.