But clouds

Part one: just after clouds downtown, but is a thing of.  - Inscription winter atmosphere more and more concentrated, still flashing neon lights outside the window, unknowingly to the seasons and the cycle of here.Time never stops circulation in the.Yellow leaves, covered with a long path.Some of the cold wind hit in the face, to find it, skin and heart, as there are no clear and deep-seated feeling, it becomes vague and indifferent.  Beware come to an end, perhaps you will meet beautiful scenery.  As you become strong and self-reliance, beware become irresistible, whether preview the mind will no longer have love, or will no longer be as hard-ming heart love, it will not for whom the pain and joy, and portrait.  A heavy snow miss, miss that white seems to get that perfumes the beautiful snow, melt in the palm.At that moment, temperament and become tender and innocent, like a child, infinitely happy to look forward to the future, and that you can spend a lifetime with people.  Often feel tired heart when a person just want to quietly Internet, listening to music, writing.So we can let that began impetuous mind becomes still and clofibrate, washing the soul, that deep in the mortal world, find themselves again.Hiding in a corner, for their own healing, I do not want to tell, and no longer need.  Want, to a field, lying on the green grass, head to the endless blue the sky, flanked by little full of colorful wildflowers unknown..  Once, heart throb, at the moment, into nothingness.  It turned out that the sea sometimes dry, sometimes rotten stone, also the end of the day.  Although love is humble, but allow yourself to have a shallow pride and self-dignity.Find the meaning of life in a section of the road.  Perhaps the more very beautiful things, the more short-lived.  No matter how experienced hurt and deception, I would choose to believe, I believe the future be better, I believe will better meet their own.  I only hope heart forever cherish a peaceful heart, to treat everything in life experience, to bring eternal peace for yourself.  Do not rely on, do not complain, do not confuse, not reluctantly.Nightlife net with dignity, there is joy, there is hope, a dream.  Achievement of themselves increasingly strong.  Winter, night silenced chapter II: Red Nie Yuan, but clouds of black hair with the wind Splendor, eyes read the offer all kinds of circulation.Dimei smile a few times oath?Afterlife dream in your heart.  — Inscription There is a lonely, solitary solitude even if they can not hide; there is a vision, nor even a romantic highlight; more a kind of away from the situation, you can let thoughts seem so pale and superficial, this is a miserable Butterflies , Past and Present of nostalgia.  That I, our special way of fairy magic world in April, spring, I flick sleeves, adult incarnation came to flowers.Wind, very light, very warm, I enjoy dancing in the flowers, enjoy the scenery of the world.But the ensuing noisy but broke my drunk, you seem to want to chase a group of human slaughter, but seeing in my presence, they stopped all.I have a trace of panic, but you gently came to me: “Let me show you the world’s most beautiful scenery.”.Soon, many parts of the world have left us deep and shallow footprint, but everything orderly, and I’m immortal, you is magic, the end is a fatal attraction.We all understand this world of indulgence will make us no longer lives with the world forever, is about to usher in the six cycle of suffering, we finally smiling, respectively, under the hopes I could meet.  That, we meet exceedingly difficult winter come quietly, I did not think of this world turned into a winter snows, cover the entire earth.I took my memories of past lives to find you in the whole world, but found nothing.I think maybe you’re not on I refuse to cure my drink, with the advent of spring, I have gradually melt, and I am about to fade away in the earth when they saw you, you had this life is spring grass.I put the body turned into tears watered with you, when you remember me, I have completely disappeared in the earth, this life, we are destined to pass year after year.  That it, our fate to light my reborn in the Song Dynasty, Su this life is you, my judge and Wang Chaoyun, we led with affection, so I did what you Shiqie.We couplets, laughing earth wind and rain, but unfortunately I can not be with you through life, the way he died.After my death you still can not let go, they often appear in your dreams, dreams do I dress shoe wet, you ask me: “how?”I said:” HSBC is lake water wet my ah.”So you will be ordered in the lake embankment, and since then the benefit of Jesus Christ.  Currently, the Emperor let us back the original look of flowers meet at once, the Emperor of Heaven that we Nie Yuan settled.So we turned into the spirit of jade two, one on the horizon, the other placed in the Cape, we will wait a nice ring to pick up, then we continue to suffer the bitter feeling of eternity.