But also look into the inter-butterfly orchid

Phalaenopsis, was a friend sent me in March this year, had, he said to send me a gift, ask what I like, I casually said something: a book, I like books.    Can not know why he did not take my advice, he gave me a pot of Phalaenopsis.Before florists to send flowers, he sent a picture and asked if I like it or not.Although I like flowers, the family also has more than four plants, large and small pots, you can also add another pot, but I did not like orchids, I also can not tell why do not like, that may be too delicate orchids, not get good dill.    Although I do not like bluegrass, on the balcony still five or six pots of bluegrass, most of them are local Chunlan, in addition to a pot Cymbidium, pot Four Seasons chypre.Annual bloom of the season, they open their flowers, I do not even bother to look at, they had raised, just think about Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum, are raising something that has never been obsessed with them.    But it was a friend orchid expert, at home or in addition to bluegrass bluegrass, do not understand why there is such a world only like a flower of the people, like me, I love Rose, but I do not exclude other plant support.    Friend gift, although I do not like, but still can not refuse someone a piece of the kind, but I still made a complaint sentence: how can you send me Phalaenopsis ah, that’s subtropical flowers, we live here it is not easy of.    He retorted: Can not live can not live it, at least now it is alive.    Phalaenopsis flower brought on schedule, red pots, thickening dark green leaves, tall stems are butterfly-like strings of purple flowers, like dancing butterflies.I took the pot from the hands of growers, good Shen.Q growers: “It took, it can open next year?”” Estimate rare opened, where the climate is not suitable.”Flower touches solid, man, lay it answered.    Phalaenopsis I was placed in the bay window of the living room, saw the butterfly orchid on the windowsill when husband home, very surprised to say the sentence: What a beautiful flower, like a butterfly.I laughed, I really have to thank friends, so careless husband this guy the first time to give such a high evaluation of home flowers.Husband does not love flowers, flowers for the home or even mostly no name, often flowers, I let him, he is perfunctory Side, said the sentence: look good, you like on the line.    Butterfly orchid in bloom on the windowsill for a month, then black specks appear on the petals, like seaweed leaf mold, more like a freckled woman.Previous beauty gone, I will mercilessly cut them with scissors together, along with the stem.In the greenhouse growers had them tied up in stud makes a fine wire, also uses a small clip, when they cut, I had to draw out the wire, remove the small clip.In short, we spent a lot of effort.    No flowers butterfly orchid, suddenly turned into a very ordinary pot plants, more than ten pieces still attached to the leaf hypertrophy basin edge, but not against the background of the butterfly, it will be a lot of lonely.    There is no beauty, but because a friend sent, really sorry to throw it away, thought, and put it into the hand of the balcony inconspicuous place, next to a large height Hawaiian coconut.Pots for soil to the occasion, I also do not control pots Phalaenopsis, I thought: maybe it survive a few days, let it fend for themselves.    Of course, water is indispensable to its.To the summer watering is indeed a hassle, the temperature gradually, not every day or two, they have watered daily watering the flowers I have to spend a lot of time.    Today is a rainy day.After waking up, looked to the balcony, small white flowers swaying in the branches of jasmine, azaleas in full bloom more than a month of two Western still delicate white flowers, rose even more colorful, the only chrysanthemums and Begonia listless horrendous, but balcony is not open, if there is an open-air terrace, on which every rain, to spend, to me, is a good thing.    No time to eat breakfast, then quickly water the flowers, busy for quite a while, when preparing to turn away, I found to be abandoned in some strange corner of Phalaenopsis, leaned over, pulled around it, discovered that I do not know what when the pots of Phalaenopsis bolting and quietly, and with a few buds, and now, is Hanbaoyufang attitude, purple buds like little lanterns, lit up my heart.    For a time, like some guilt, of Phalaenopsis.    And this is what a wronged soul ah, this is a rare flower seeds, but was forgotten in the corner.As if the past life amendment to the roots and landed here, so quiet, yet so lonely.In order to be loved, at in a foreign land, in the flowering season is not his own, trying to spit fragrant, blooming beautiful.    Listening to the gurgling rain, looking at the butterfly orchid, I am reluctant to leave.