US Department of Defense announced that the US-ROK joint military exercises will restart April 1

  North Korea has yet to respond to restart the US-ROK military exercises。   CNN quoted US Defense Department spokesman Christopher Logan as saying that this year's "vulture" exercise will be about 30,000 US troops and 290,000 soldiers to Han Jun, scale and duration of exercise are quite previous years。   Matisse had previously said, due to the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang postponed ROK joint military exercise will be held in Pyeongchang in mid-March this year after the end of the Paralympic Winter Games。
  5th and 6th of this month, South Korean President Moon Jae-in by sending a special delegation met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, North Korea clearly expressed wishes of the denuclearization of the peninsula and are interested in a dialogue with the United States。 According to South Korean media quoted a senior South Korean official as saying Kim Jong-un for the US and South Korea will be held in April in previous years of similar scale joint military exercises that they understand。
  Since mid-1953 the Korean peninsula since the armistice, US and South Korea held a large-scale joint military exercises every year, including spring "critical decision", "vulture" joint military exercise。 North Korea has been dissatisfied ROK-US speech, which was viewed as hostile to North Korea's threatening behavior。